Little Rock City Board pulls plan to build midtown gas station

"The application has been withdrawn. So it will not be considered by this Board of Directors and in effect has been nullified." With that, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola rescinded a proposal to build of a new gas station at the corner of 12th and University.

Last month, the Board approved the construction of a new Murphy's 24 hour gas station, but at the City Board meeting tonight, the approval vote was rescinded and then Murphy's Oil pulled their application, ending plans for the gas station. The gas station faced opposition from residents who believed it would increase traffic and crime in the area.. The City Board also had the second reading of ordinances dealing with late night clubs.. One would require them to close three hours earlier than they do now, and one would keep the closing time the same, but add police officers for security. A vote on that issue is likely at the next meeting.