Little Rock daycare reports more than 23 dogs dumped

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - More than two dozen dogs have been collected from a Little Rock field after they were reportedly dumped over the weekend.

The Children's Center near Interstate 30 and Mabelvale West Road first reported seeing the dogs, many of which were described as starving with visible bones.

On Friday and Saturday, Little Rock Animal Village workers picked up 23 dogs. Four of those dogs died before they were rescued. On Tuesday, a local spay & neuter clinic took in four more who were roaming in the same area.

"They're scared," said Jake Hillard with Arkansans for Animals, a Little Rock spay & neuter clinic. "I mean they're scared to death. This is a very frightening experience."

Hillard is neighbors with the daycare that eventually reported a total of 27 dogs left for dead in the field.

"A mass dumping like this, a large group being dumped like that, that's not very common," said Hillard.

Hungry and without easily accessible food, some of the dogs were forced to turn on one another.

"Two of the smaller dogs were killed by one of the starving larger dogs," she said.

By Saturday four of the dogs left in the field were dead.

"One was killed in front of the children and two were hit by cars on the highway," she added.

Four of the dogs are left waiting at Hillard clinic to be picked up by animal control.

Meanwhile, Hillard and her staff are left with no leads on who's responsible. But she says whoever did it, whether they're hoarders or not, there's no excuse.

"You kind of wonder if somebody just over the years has let this get out of hand," she said, "and they made a horrible New Year's resolution at the expense of these dogs."

For more information on the dogs' conditions and how you can help, Little Rock Animal Village can be reached at (501) 376-3067.