Little Rock Fire Department shuts down Acme Motel

The City of Little Rock announced they will close Acme Motel on Friday, Aug 8 by 5 p.m.

Resident have 48-hours to move out and find other housing.

The Little Rock Fire Department gave Acme Motel a safety inspection on July 31.

Officials found exposed wiring, evidence of raw sewage, absent and non-working smoke alarms, mold, insect infestation, sagging room and plumbing and mechanical issues during the inspection.

Little Rock Fire Department chief said, "The hazards in this complex represent a threat to all occupants, emergency responders and the citizens of Little Rock."

Resident's said they have heard from the city but they still have not heard from management.

Breanna Howard has stayed at Acme on and off for two years. She the lack of communication has been frustrating.

"It's not up to code basically. He don't want to do what he has to do but he still asking for our money," Howard said.

" The only problems I had were the bed bugs. But here cleared that up and bought everything I needed to spray my room and after that everything was fine."

Some residents said a high amount of crime happens in the area.

Darren Shavis has lived at Acme for a couple of months. Shavis said,"The police are always up here everyday pretty much.

According to a letter from the Little Rock Fired Department the City staff will be available on Thursday and Friday to assist any residents needing help while looking for another place.

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