Little Rock leaders still grappling with night club closing times

Little Rock's Board of Directors continues the debate over closing night clubs earlier. Some night clubs have the option to stay open until 5 a.m. That debate continued at Tuesday night's City Board meeting. There are very few clubs around the state that are licensed for 5 a.m. closing and only about a half-dozen in Little Rock. The City Board has been discussing cutting those club hours back, or making clubs have a minimum number of law enforcement personnel on the premises. It may come down to a compromise between Directors and club owners, but it's obvious, Directors are not taking the issue lightly. "If we're going to make a significant change as this would be, my understanding is basically we're couching it as a pubic safety issue, so that's really where I want to look," said City Director Stacy Hurst. Directors are looking at the number of times police have been called out to late night clubs, and the amount of tax revenue that is generated by the clubs. The issue will be on the City Board's agenda again next Tuesday.