Little Rock Lessens Police Shortage with Rookie Graduation

Little Rock Police Department is currently down 54 officers, but on December 7, 31 rookies will graduate training and be placed in divisions throughout the city.

With a little more than a week until graduation day, the rookies spent much of Tuesday in the classroom, learning about financial and motor vehicle related crime. During their time, they've also learned the traditions of the force and faced physical challenges, including feeling what it's like to get tasered.

The rookies are almost just as anxious as the veterans are to hit the Little Rock streets.

"I'm from Little Rock, and I love this city, and I'm just ready to get out here and serve my community in another way. I'm just ready to get out and see all the different challenges that come along with being a Little Rock police officer," said rookie Kenneth Baker.

The rookies do not know which division they will be assigned to, but you can bet with a shortage of police in the city, they'll be put to work right away wherever they end up being placed.