Alleged Police Brutality Caught on Tape

A Little Rock man says he is the victim of police brutality, punched in the face several times by a uniformed officer, Lt. David Hudson. It was caught on video by a bystander.

It happened the night of October 29th outside Ferneau Restaurant in Hillcrest to Chris Erwin, 40.

Erwin's attorney, Keith Hall said, "Hudson roughly puts his hands on Chris, grabs the nape of his neck, turns his face towards his fist and the creepiest part of the whole thing is when you look at it in slow motion Hudson looks around and then begins to dole out his blows into Chris's face."

Nine days later Erwin's face is still black and blue. He had to get three stitches at the hospital that night.

Erwin says, "I will never forget the rage in his eyes. His eyes were solid white filled with rage, and if I was over there somewhere else in Little Rock on a dark street I have no doubt he would have killed me."

According to the police report, Erwin and his friends tried to enter a private party inside Ferneau restaurant. He was asked to leave and refused and soon after a struggle began with the officer. Erwin says he did nothing wrong.

Police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings said, "People that would watch this video and say this is police brutality are obviously not getting the whole story, and we would caution them against that and listen to the facts when they come outThis officer may have been doing his job to the very best of his ability. He may have been trying to protect other people. Those are the things that we don't know completely yet."

While an internal and use of force investigation are now underway by the Little Rock Police Department, Erwin wants Lt. Hudson off the streets.

Lt. Hastings says Lt. Hudson did everything he was suppose to do after the incident and immediately reported it to his supervisors. Lt. Hudson has not been placed on leave. The police department hopes to rule within the next thirty days whether the use of force was justified.

In the meantime, Erwin and his friend who was with him that night are set to go to trial in January. Erwin is charged with resisting arrest, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. He denies the charges.

His attorney says he posted the video of the incident on the internet because he wants more witnesses to come forward. To watch the full video, click here.