Homeless man missing, family pleads for information

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - This past Memorial Day weekend, there was flash flooding in Little Rock. It is believed to be the cause of Kasey Hudson's death. Channel Seven reported that he later washed up in a creek on the UALR campus. But Hudson's friend, Jonathan Eiland has not been heard from since.

Both men were last seen together that weekend in May. Cathy and Elijah New consider Jonathan Eiland family. They invited him to move to Arkansas with them, he has a bedroom in their home, but for his own reasons mostly lives on the street.

Cathy recalls, "I think the last thing I said to him when he left our home on Memorial Day is that I was concerned and he needed to get back in Church. That's the last thing I said to him and he said Mrs. New, I will, I will, I will."

Jonathan Eiland also goes by JJ, and Bama. He and his male friend, Kasey Hudson work and went everywhere together and spent time at the same homeless camp.

Cathy and Elijah are used to talking on the phone with Jonathan every week and found it odd he stopped answering his cell phone after he left their home Memorial Day 2013. Days later, the men's employer called them and said Kasey Hudson was identified as the deceased man in the creek that goes through UALR and Jonathan had not shown up for work.

Cathy says, "We hope that Jonathan has maybe just lost his way. We hope nothing has happened to him but it has been so long and he usually kept in contact with us. He usually called two or three times a week."

Her husband, Elijah says, "A great man. A lot of compassion; we took him to church with us. He has been to the alter many times and cried. He just has a line on his back that he couldn't get loose."

Jonathan Eiland is not wanted for any crimes. His family came from California to file a missing persons report. If you know where he is, call the Little Rock Police Department.

Channel Seven called several organizations involved in the homeless community; they reportedly have not seen Jonathan since before Memorial Day.