Little Rock man shot to death while defending woman from ex-boyfriend

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The shooting happened around eleven o' clock Wednesday night when police say Kelshawn Mouton tried to protect a woman from her ex-boyfriend. That's when he was shot to death.

"I heard gunshots," said Dorothy Ramsey, a resident in the neighborhood where the shooting happened. "Many rounds of gunshots."

It's an unusual sound to hear in this quiet Little Rock neighborhood. Gun shots, one after the other in the middle of the night.

"First we thought it might have been someone," said Larry Beene, another resident. "Just then we heard a few rounds go off again she said 'No, that's someone really shooting."

Police say residents in the Blackjack Court cul-de-sac were hearing the fatal end of a confrontation between 21-year-old Kelshawn Mouton and 20-year-old Donavan Whittington.

"To be right in the midst of a shootout like that, you know, if it had been one shot, two shots but it was just like the wild wild west," said Ramsey.

Whittington, the suspect, was supposedly following Mouton who was in the car with his ex-girlfriend. After trying to get away the suspect blocked in Mouton in the cul-de-sac and approached the woman over 100 dollars she owed him. The victim allegedly jumped in to defend her when Whittington shot him to death then he fired over a dozen rounds in the air.

"We kind of stayed in the house because we didn't want to be hit by no stray bullets," said Beene.

But Ramsey's home was hit with over a dozen stray bullets. Fortunately, she and her husband weren't hit.

"I never thought this would happen out here," said Ramsey.

But Beene says something needs to be done about these senseless murders.

"We need to stop killing each other is what we need to do," he said.

The suspect fled the scene shortly after the shooting. He is still on the loose.