Little Rock Marathon, Half-Marathon rerouted

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (March 2, 2014) - Little Rock Marathon Race Officials rerouted the 12th annual Little Rock Marathon and Half Marathon after extreme weather conditions threatened the safety of participants and spectators on Sunday.{}

"Our primary focus is the safety of our participants," Little Rock Marathon Race Director Gina Pharis said.{} "We have been on the course and have been working with the National Weather Service and city officials throughout the day assessing safety concerns.{} Severe thunderstorms in the area have become dangerous for participants, forcing the closing of our courses and the rerouting of the remainder of today's running and walking events."{} This is the first rerouting instance in the organization's 12-year history and follows their written policy on weather cancellations.{}

{}Race officials had posted weather alert levels that ranged from moderate to high to extreme.{} The Extreme Alert Level was enacted due to extreme and dangerous conditions.{} Participation was stopped and participants were routed to safety.

{}Due to the rerouting of events after the start, a refund will not be given per the cancellation policy.{} The Epic Post Race Party was scheduled to continue and was set to take place from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the Wally Allen Ballroom at the Statehouse Convention Center.{} Race organizers urged attendees to consider weather conditions before making the decision to attend the party.