Little Rock Mom Diagnosed with Cancer Hours Before Baby's Birth

Tonight at 5pm the story of a Little Rock mother who found out just hours before her baby was born that she has leukemia.

Leslie Harris said, "Five primary care doctors later all of them told me it was just a bad pregnancy. The day before I delivered him my last hope was to go to the ER and get some fluids in me because I hadn't eaten anything in seven days."

That's when she got the shocking news that she has cancer and had an emergency c-section. Amazingly, baby Ayden was born healthy.

Rhonda Harris, Leslie's mother, said "I know God makes no mistakes. I've told my children that all of their life and to me it was letting me know God is here. He exists. He works miracles. Had that baby not been conceived we may not have caught the cancer as early as we did because it pushed all of her symptoms to a higher level quickly."

Leslie, who is only 29, has been hospitalized since her baby's birth. She now needs a bone marrow transplant and is looking for a match.

Leslie Harris said, "I am going to try to find a donor for me. You can't stay on chemo forever. When your kidneys shutdown between six months and a year, it's kind of over, but I want to find someone else's donor too."

A fundraiser is planned for Thursday, October 27th at 7pm at the Rev Room in downtown Little Rock where free bone marrow test kits will be available.