Little Rock named among worst cities for fall allergies

      Little Rock is moving up inthe rankings for cities with the worst fall allergies.

      Little Rock moved from 16th lastyear to 14th this year on the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's list.

      Contributing to thatranking: The foundation says our pollen score is worse than average. Medicinesused per patient is worse than average. However, when it comes to boardcertified allergists per patient - we're better than average.

      Top 15 Fall Allergy Capitals from AAFA

      1) Wichita, Kansas

      2) Jackson, Mississippi

      3) Knoxville, Tennessee

      4) Louisville, Kentucky

      5) Memphis, Tennessee

      6) McAllen, Texas

      7) Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      8) Dayton, Ohio

      9) Chattanooga, Tennessee

      10) Oklahoma City,Oklahoma

      11) New Orleans, Louisiana

      12) Madison, Wisconsin

      13) Omaha, Nebraska

      14) Little Rock, Arkansas

      15) Tulsa, Oklahoma

      See the full list of city rankings, click here.