Little Rock no exception to busiest travel day of the year

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Whether they're coming or going Sunday marks the most traveled day by Americans for the entire year.

Clinton National Airport was packed with arrivals and departures. Some returned from a lucky weekend, while another was just hoping to make it home Sunday.

Rolling in to leave Little Rock or setting your bags down back home, Clinton National was jam-packed with flyers Sunday.

Many celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday in different fashions.

"We went to Las Vegas, and basically just a big group of us went out to play," said Patrick Colclasure from White Hall.

The spunky group from White Hall returned home from Sin City after having an early Thanksgiving, and leaving the kids with their grandparents.

"Believe it or not, Las Vegas was not as busy as Little Rock. Little Rock was busier than Las Vegas as far as the airports go," Colclasure added.

It wasn't all fun and play for a man returning to his job in Texas.

"My flight was delayed until 7 pm. I have a layover in Dallas which has been changed so I have to jump, I have 20 minutes to go from one flight to the next," said Cabot resident Mike Edgar as he sat next to his wife Cindy.

Edgar's problem didn't end there, because from his final landing in Midland, Texas he was then looking at an hour drive before being home at about midnight.

"Then, tomorrow I have a 12-hour shift to work," he added.

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the state's largest airport, were different stories of holiday travel.

Little Rock expected nearly around 4,680 passengers to leave its airport Sunday.

Clear skies around much of the nation kept flights on schedule, but Edgar's was delayed because of to mechanical issues.