Little Rock police requesting clarification on gun laws

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Little Rock Police Department is asking thecity to move forward in hopes of changing a law when it comes to gun possession.

It's a request they hope will make it allthe way to the legislature.{} It centers onreturning guns after they've been taken from someone determined to be"mentally irresponsible."

Under current Arkansaslaw if police come in contact with someone they believe is "mentallyirresponsible," police have the right to seize a gun they may have, butwhat Little Rock police want is clarification on who is "mentallyirresponsible." Additionally, who they can legally give the gun back to,whether it is a guardian and or someone "entrusted with care."

The gun control laws aregetting attention once again, Tuesday it was in an Arkansas Municipal Leaguemeeting.

"The policedepartment brought this forward earlier this year, and said that there are somechallenges that they have with the way the statue's written," said Little Rockassistant city manager Bryan Day.

"They've asked us to seeif we can get the state legislature to consider it in 2015, and make thechanges to give them better understanding of what they can and can't do."

Day said he wasapproached by LRPD Chief Stuart Thomas because of some vagueness that couldimpact an officer's daily actions.

"They've run intosome challenges with it in the past. Hopefully this clarification will makethings a little bit easier, and move a bit smoother in the future years," Daycontinued.

Tuesday the Large FirstClass Cities Committee of the AML gave this measure an endorsement, marking thefirst in what Little Rock hopes will be series of steps to better clarify statelaw.

"It's our number onepriority and we want to make sure our police department, and our other publicsafety officers have the tools, resources and laws that they need to keep ourcommunity safe," Day said following his introduction of the city's legislativeagenda.

Day told me the next goalwill be to craft a piece of legislation in the fall with hopes of having itpresented during the 2015 session.