Little Rock Police chief addresses 'most dangerous city' ranking

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- A national real estate group ranks Little Rock as the United States' most dangerous mid-sized city. Little Rock Police Department Chief Stuart Thomas may be about a month from retiring, but that doesn't change his view of a ranking that says one in every 21 Little Rock residents will be victim to a crime. A parking lot on Asher Road became more than just a gas station and car wash early Sunday morning. It was turned into a crime scene when two people were randomly shot while others exchanged gun fire. Incidents like this led real estate group to put Little Rock at the top of an unwanted list. "We're not dealing with professionals in the field; we're dealing with a blog," said Chief Thomas about the ranking. Movoto basis its rankings on 2012 numbers from the FBR, but Thomas said Thursday that residents shouldn't be in fear of their lives. "If you take homicides and assaults, for instance, there's generally a connection between the people, prior knowledge or some type of relationship. It may not be very close, but they know each other in about 75 percent of our offenses." Thomas added that while Little Rock's crime stat, like 1 in every 149 people will be victim of a violent crime, may be stunning when compared to other cities, there may be some misconceptions. "Someone once asked 'What's the best way to make crime go down 10 percent?' The simple answer is 'quit taking the reports.' Unfortunately, some agencies do that," he added. To see the complete list, click here: