Little Rock Police Chief to retire

(City of Little Rock Press Release) Friday, Little RockPolice Department Chief Stuart Thomas announced plans for his retirement.Thomas was appointed LRPD Chief on April 11, 2005. He joined LRPD in 1978 andhas served honorably for 35 years.

"Chief Thomas has been a smart, effective leader for theLittle Rock Police Department," said Moore. "He has brought forward importantchanges to the Department and presided over a remarkable expansion of ourpublic safety programs thanks, in part, to the new citizen-approved LRCentsales tax funding."

"I appreciate Chief Thomas' leadership and service to theCity and the citizens of Little Rock," Moore continued.

Since Thomas' appointment as Chief, the Department hashelped bring about a marked reduction in crime across the City, making 2013 oneof the safest years in the past two decades, with crime rates near the lowestin more than 20 years.

"I have been afforded a remarkably fortunate career withthe Department and I hope my time here has helped to contribute to the successof the whole," said Thomas. "While I have seen significant change in thisorganization over the years, the one constant has been the dedication andeffort of the men and women here who, day in and day out, place themselves inharm's way for the greater good of this City."

At the age of 21, Thomas came to LRPD to complain aboutthe way the Department handled the break-in of his car. He was challenged tojoin the Department and make a difference if he thought he could do a betterjob. Thirty-five years later, Thomas will retire as the Chief of LRPD.

Thomas served at every progressive rank in the Departmentthroughout his tenure. He has been a Patrolman, a Burglary and HomicideDetective, a Narcotics Supervisor and has commanded the Department's InternalAffairs, Accreditation and Business Units. He served as Assistant Chief ofPolice for nine years prior to his retirement and subsequent return in 2005 asChief of Police.

During his career, Thomas was selected as Officer of theMonth twice and he was Officer of the Year in 1988 after being cited for hismanagement of narcotic investigations.

Additionally, Thomas is a graduate of the Federal Bureauof Investigation National Academy, the Federal Bureau of Investigation NationalExecutive Institute, the United States Secret Service Dignitary ProtectionSchool, the Senior Management Institute for Police and the Leadership GreaterLittle Rock Session XII. He is a member of the International Association ofChiefs of Police and the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police. He hasattended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and the University ofArkansas at Little Rock. Chief Thomas is a life-long Little Rock resident.

Thomas' retirement will be effective in June. Moore willannounce plans for selecting the Department's next Chief in the coming weeks.