Update: Murder suspect turns himself in to LRPD

UPDATE: {}Little Rock Police say Darrell Freeman turned himself in around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night.{} He was wanted as a suspect in the shooting death of{}20 year old Bernard Sherrod.{} Freeman allegedly shot Sherrod Monday night outside of an apartment complex on North Bryant Street.{}Freeman will be charged with first degree murder.{} (KATV)-The Little Rock Police Department are looking for a man they say is a suspect in a homicide that occurred Monday night. Police say Bernard Sherrod, 20, was found shot outside of his apartment complex on Bryant street. "After detectives talked to the witnesses that were around there, they were able to develop Mr. [Darrell] Freeman as a suspect," said Lt. Sidney Allen of the LRPD.Police are considering Freeman to be armed and dangerous."Well right now they have a pretty good idea of who he is and where he generally hangs out at. Freeman does have warrants on him for this homicide. We're asking anyone who may know who he is, to not approach him. Simply call 911 to get officers responding to the area," Allen said.Sherrod's grandmother spoke with Channel 7 News today and said the family is devastated at the news of the death of Sherrod."He was my first grandchild and it's hitting me kind of hard, and mommy. He was a good person," said Marcella Moore, Sherrod's grandmother.A neighbor in the apartment complex heard the shots last night. She says her neighborhood has gotten to be increasingly violent."Little Rock's just gotten bad. I've lived here 67 years and it's just gotten worse and worse. So something needs to be done and I don't know what," said Mary Scott.