Little Rock Police officers fix a woman's door out of their own pocket

Little Rock (KATV)-Little Rock Police OfficersBrian Healy and Chance Ketzscher responded to a burglary today, but it's whatthey did after that went the extra mile.

The burglars kicked in thedoor and stole a TV before realizing a 13 year-old boy was at home sick. Theburglars were scared away.

The boy's mother Kristen Eppersoncame home to get her son and take him to a relative's home while officers begansearching the neighborhood for the suspects.

"I happened to justroll up on a car that had been involved in an accident so I got out to check onit. Come to find out, it was her. So not only did her house get broken into.Now she was involved in an accident which probably totaled her car out. Soshe's going to need a new car," Ketzscher said.

Epperson and her son wereboth taken to the hospital, but she told officers there she was concerned thather home was still unsecured.

That's when both of theofficers sprung into action. Officer Healy went to a hardware store and boughtsupplies to fix the door from his own pocket, while officer Ketzscher watchedthe home.

"We got everythingput back together. Granted you wouldn't want to call me as a handy man. Don'tget me wrong. But we were able to make it where the door would actually lock abe secured," Healy said.

Ketzscher said obviouslypolice officers don't routinely do construction jobs.

"No we don't but shewas already having a bad day and we just thought it was a nice thing to do andmaybe help her through the day a little bit more," Ketzscher said.

"The woman had twobad incidents happen to her in an hour. We just felt bad for her," Healysaid.

Both officers have beenrecommended by their sergeant for a letter of commendation.