Little Rock School District addresses bullying complaints

With a growing Latino population in Little Rock, schools are trying their best to make it as easy as possible for these students to adjust. But a recent report proves there have been a few bumps on the road.

Latino students have complained about being bullied by mostly African American students. Since the first complaint the district has had several meetings where they've discussed this issue. Channel 7 went beyond these meetings and visited an actual school.

One counselor at Chicot Elementary in Southwest Little Rock tells me its an issue they actively been working to address but she acknowledges that in order for there to be progress language barriers need to be torn down.

"Parents feeling like maybe if they go to the school and its an assumption that maybe someone will not speak their language," said Amy Cooper, counselor at Chicot Elementary. "If they felt like their voice wasn't heard then why should I try again. Think that we have to make sure that we are consistent and that we hear real people with real concerns and hear we're going to have real solution," said Cooper.

Both the school and most Latino parents agree that language barriers can make identifying and addressing bullying much more difficult. This particular school says they haven't had much of an issue with bullying because Spanish translators are readily available for parents.

The Little Rock School District will have their meeting Thursday night where they will introduce their initiative to combat bullying. Channel 7 will have the details on Nightside