Little Rock School District facing nearly two million in budget cuts

The looming fiscal cliff will impact the public school classroom. Just this morning the Little Rock school district announced that it's facing millions of dollars in budget cuts next year.

Now it's urging congress to intervene or valuable programs will be harmed.

the Little Rock School District is looking at yet another slash in their funding. Cuts would amount to $1.6 million, about 8 percent of their funding.

The district says they've already experienced cuts and can't take anymore without affecting much needed programs. Some of the programs affected would include summer school and after school programs as well as extracurricular activities. One official for the district says congress needs to take a better look at how to balance the budget because the current approach isn't considering low-income families.

"Across the board cuts don't actually have to occur. It's never good just to take an axe and cut a budget you want to be specific especially with all the emphasis that has been put on education," said Kelsey Bailey, CFO for the Little Rock School District. "Well it's all kind of out of our hands it's kind of left to the legislators in D.C. Hopefully, both parties can come together and reach some kind of compromise so that are kids aren't hurting from across the board cuts," said Bailey.

The school district will find out at the end of this month whether or not these cuts will take place. But they believe most likely they will.