Little Rock School District helping students cope with Sandy Hook tragedy

The tragedy in Sandy Hook may have happened hundreds of miles away but a counselor at Chicot Elementary tells me they fully expected their children to come with concerns and questions they needed answers to.

"It was kind of difficult trying to explain to them what happen," said Freddie Miller, a father of two. "The seven-year-old she pretty much grasped what was going on but the five-year-old she understands that something terrible happened but she really doesn't understand the concept of what went on," said Miller.

Both parents and schools were faced with the difficult task of telling their children what happened or easing the fears of those who already knew.

"He said he came up he said Ms. Cooper did you know that there were twenty kids that were killed," said Amy Cooper, counselor at Chicot Elementary. "He said Ms. Cooper I got a little afraid," she said.

In addition to sending out mass e-mails and calls to all parents about security procedures. Faculty and staff made sure to review protocols as well.

"Make sure that you are going over safety precautions. Make sure that staff members have on their Little Rock School District badges when visitors walk through the building. Do they walk through the front office?," said Cooper.

All of these things are supposed to make the school that much safer but as far as the children and their fears. She acknowledges you can't completely eliminate them.

"I believe a lot has changed definitely, especially when they've come to one of their safe places. Their space being invaded.

But the changes go beyond the students. Parents are trying to put their fears in the back of their minds while they hold their kids just a little tighter.