Little Rock start-up company marketing southern artisans on the web

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A local start-up compares themselves to Etsy, an online marketplace for small-time artisans and vendors, but the company Bourbon & Boots has a unique edge. The company caters to a niche southern audience.

The company only has six employees and that's double from when they started just over a year ago. A company selling unique artisan made gifts, Bourbon & Boots targets, "folks that like a certain lifestyle, a southern lifestyle." That's part of what Matt Price, CEO of Bourbon & Boots, said sets the company apart.

Bourbon & Boots just surpassed a million dollars in marketplace sales, representing 150 vendors selling over 500 unique products.

Vendors like Christy Bourns, owner of Robinson Lane Designs, who sell their products on Bourbon & Boots are seeing the success too. The website sent her "Johnny Cash necklace" viral. Bourns saw the success almost instantly

"Within a week I had shipped it to all 50 states and at this point I've shipped to four continents and 14 countries," said Bourns.

The key to the success, Price said, comes from handpicking the site's products and vendors.

"We're actually going out and making sure that the products and the vendors we work with will succeed on our platform," said Price.

And the company makes sure the products succeed by pushing their goods through social media sites, marketing them on places like Pinterest.

"They're doing the promotion and the reaching out," said Bourns. "I'm doing the creating, which is what I love."

Part of promoting the website includes building an image. Bourbon & Boots employs people who write content for the site that caters to their southern audience.

"What that does is helps the vendors reach an audience that's already predisposed to like their product," said Price.

It's not just jewelry and crafts that are being sold on Bourbon & Boots, but they sell southern food, southern music - anything that pertains to the south. The site sees roughly 200,000 hits every month.

Link to their website:

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