Little Rock student scores perfect on ACT after act of kindness

(KATV) A Little RockParkview Magnet High School student's perfect score of 36 on the ACT exam allstarted with a cup coffee. Deborah Rookey, 17, was on her way to take the exam whena simple act of kindness from the car ahead of her gave her inspiration.

"I knew couldn't take thetest without coffee first, so I pulled through Starbucks and I ordered I thinka mocha or something and I pulled up to pay and the lady at the window said theguy in front of you paid for your drink, don't worry about it," said Rookey. "Igot free coffee on the morning of my ACT, so really there's not a betterattitude to go into your test with than I just got free coffee."

A 36 on the ACT exam is arare achievement. Less one tenth of one percent nationally earns a perfectscore.

Though Rookey received anact of kindness on the morning of her test, her teachers say she's the onegiving acts of kindness, tutoring students on her own time.

"Just within a week oftutoring one of the students in AP calculus I could see a difference," saidStacy O'Brien, Rookey's calculus teacher.

The man who bought hercoffee that morning is Val Hansen, a realtor for Remax in Little Rock. He saidhe saw her story in the paper and wanted to contact her. He does something nicefor one person every day.

"For me it's just to meit's just fun. Like you said, you never know what the reaction to someone elseis going to be, so to me it's just fun to do little things for people and I tryto do stuff like that, something for somebody every day," Hansen said.

Hansen purchased coffeefor the car behind him during his interview with Channel 7 News. He said it'srare to actually see the outcome of those small acts of kindness.

Rookey says she isapplying to several colleges including Hendrix, Washington University,University of Chicago, Wellesley, Brown, Rhodes, Stanford, Columbia and even Harvard.