Little Rock students to be investigated for 'sexting'

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A family admits their daughter is part of a group of middle school students that was 'sexting'. You've probably heard the term, sending nude or graphic pictures through a text message. That family is upset with the school.

It's difficult to hear, but according to parent, Jarriel Moore, middle school kids at Little Rock Preparatory Academy were sexting. His 12 year old daughter included. He wants to warn parents about the dangers, but he also wants answers from the school as to why the kids have not been disciplined.

Jarriel Moore says, "I spent my career protecting children from this and I couldn't protect my own."

His wife, Falana Moore adds, "We never thought she would be exposed to this at 12 years old."

Falana and Jarriel were called by the Dean of Students at Little Rock Preparatory Academy in early March and informed their daughter along with other girls were sexting a male student the boy's mom found the images.

Jarriel says, "Our main concern is, who else has these pictures? And we don't' know."

Jarriel says he expected the school would discipline the students to make them an example to others, he wanted police involved, but claims nothing was done. "We accept the role our daughter played in this as well. As a matter of fact, when I made calls to the child abuse hotline, I called on my own daughter."

While pursuing law enforcement and the school to open an investigation, they're focused on their daughter who they say is traumatized. Falana explains, "She was a happy go-lucky kid, she is very sad and withdrawn."

The Moore's say they are playing the cards they were dealt, by being an example for others. "Ask questions. We kind of saw signs and we were asking each other what is going on with her? But we never asked her and when we did ask her, it was too late."

The Moore's daughter isn't returning to the school.

To read a statement from Little Rock Preparatory Academy, click here. Director of the school, Ben Lindquist called Channel Seven and added, "The incident is not an official school matter. The text messages sent on personal phones happened on the weekend. We connected parents who were involved. There wasn't a need to inform other parents because of the limited circumstance. Four students were involved in the incident." Lindquist says the sexting happened in February. The Moore's argue, if the incident was not a school matter, why did they investigate it?

After Channel Seven called Little Rock police Thursday, they said they are starting an investigation. A LRPD spokesperson says anyone who sent nude pictures may have committed a criminal act.

The Moore's daughter is receiving treatment at an inpatient child diagnostic therapy center in Little Rock. Jarriel concludes, "We want to make sure we're setting a foundation for her to be successful in the future because stuff like this doesn't go away."