Little Rock woman shot overnight

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A woman was found shot overnight Wednesday but the man claiming to be the Good Samaritan who found and took care of her has been accused of shooting her.

Cassandra Jones, 33, was found by one of her neighbors just before 1:15 a.m., according to a police report. He told police she had been shot but was still alive so he drove her back to the Acme Motel at 3301 West Roosevelt Road then started knocking on other neighbors' doors telling them what had happened.

When police arrived, Jones was taken to a local hospital. She is expected to be okay.

A witness told police she saw a man a few hours before the shooting who said he was going to "take care" of Jones. She said he looked like the neighbor who claimed he found Jones on the bridge.

While on the scene, police also saw what appeared to be narcotics on the table but couldn't tell whose they were. They took the drugs to police storage downtown but no arrests were made.

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