Local businesses taking a hit from losing Hogs games

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--LittleRock is expected to lose $3.7 Million yearly, after an announcement is madethat the Razorbacks will now play just one game, instead of two per year at WarMemorial Stadium.

70percent of those millions brought in to Little Rock are spent at localrestaurants, the rest is likely hotel driven, according to the Little RockConvention and Visitors Bureau.

However,it wasn't just about losing revenue; the announcement was also a big talker for103.7 The Buzz's Drivetime Sports Show, as fans called in voicing theiropinions.

"Theygot two more years of game in Little Rock I mean what's that? I meanseriously 17 and 18 and it's over? Might as well end it with 2016," said caller"Sterling".

WarMemorial Stadium Commission Chair, Kevin Krass, was also on The Buzz adding, "Acompromise, university didn't get all they wanted, we didn't get all we wanted,but as we said today, we believe this is a partnership that's gone on fordecades."

WMS andthe University of Arkansas reached a deal to extend their contract through 2018.While that means two additional years of the Hogs playing in little rock, localarea restaurants will be losing out on revenue.

"We'rebasically busy here Friday, Saturday and Sunday whenever the Razorbacks are intown," said Gusano's Pizzeria Area Manager, Carla Rackley.

Gusano'sdoubles their staff when the Hogs come to Little Rock, but making big bucks twoweekends a year will soon be a thing of the past for many area restaurants.

"Hurts everyone, and not only that, we pay alot of taxes I mean, and that's a lot of revenue that the city too that they'renot going to have anymore," added Rackley.

Thenext Little Rock game fans can catch here at WMS will be October 18, 2014 whenthey play against Georgia.

After2014, it's still undetermined who the Hogs will play in Little Rock.