Local group protests undocumented immigrants

Protesters could be heard going from the Mexican Consulate to the Capitol Saturday in an effort to communicate with government officials about undocumented immigrants getting past the southern U.S. border.

The local group called 2 Million Bikers coordinated the protest and invited elected officials to come speak and answer questions about their concerns regarding immigration.

Colin Wetherealt, state coordinator for 2 Million Bikers, said the protection of citizens' health and well-being should be top on legislators' agendas.

"We have elected officials and employed officials that come to work in this office to assure us that we and our children are being protected from that threat," Wetherealt said. "The federal government is not doing that "

David Gutierrez manages his family's grocery store Mercado San Jose and is familiar with the immigrant community. Gutierrez said people want to come to the U.S. legally, but they might not be able to afford it.

"It is expensive to go through the full immigration process," said Gutierrez. "You might try it once or twice in your life, but after that, if they didn't give the visa to you twice, what makes you think they will give it to you a third time?"

Wetherealt said the group does not have set plans for another protest.

They are still waiting to hear back from officials.