Local restaurants giving back with deals on gift cards

It is the season for giving and restaurants are doing a lot of it.

During this time of year businesses have tons of specials on gift cards. But they've recently taken things up a notch by rewarding the gift card buyer as well with deals like a $30 gift card for $25. They've also used technology to their advantage incorporating cell phones as way to make using gift cards easier. Customers can simply use their phones to pay for the purchase. It all may seem over the top but according to the national retail federation, it's paying off. They predict customers will spend over $19 billion this year in gift cards.

"People you know like to get you know a value and get something for buying something," said Doug Taylor, Manager at Red Mango.

"That's a good deal, it's an incentive to buy something so if you do come here you'll be able to actually get something a little cheaper by earning those points by you know that twenty five dollars you get five dollars free so that's a good little deal," said Tommy Gilleran, a customer.

For most restaurants gift cards are sold all year round but a majority of these deals last until the end of the holidays.