Log Cabin Democrat Posts First Same-Sex Marriage Announcement

The Log Cabin Democrat newspaper in Conway posted the paper's first same sex marriage announcement on Sunday.

Cira Abiseid and Cyrilla Owle had a wedding in their home in Conway on Oct. 19. They told Channel 7 News they were excited to be the first same sex couple in the paper.

"I mean it's exciting. Everyone likes for their love to be recognized. So that part is exciting," Abiseid said.

The couple said they weren't worried about negative reaction from the community.

"Ror me not really. I think we've been members of our community for so long and we know so many people in Conway and like I said they've been so supportive of us so far," Owle said.

Though some in Conway who spoke to Channel 7 News said they were not pleased to see the announcement.

"Especially since Arkansas doesn't accept that, it just didn't fit right in the paper," Jolinda Bryant said.

Several central Arkansas papers have policies against publishing same sex marriages. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette does not publish same sex wedding announcements because they only publish announcements of the marriages that are legally recognized in Arkansas. The Saline Courier also has the same policy.

Arkansas is one of 35 states that currently bans gay marriage.

The Log Cabin Democrat told Channel 7 News they don't have a specific policy for wedding announcements for the paper, but that they don't expect a flood of announcements of marriages of the same sex to flood in.