Log Truck Claims Home, Spares Lives

BIRDTOWN (KATV) -A scene familiar to families in Vilonia and Mayflower is playing out unexpectedly in one Conway county family's backyard.The damage to this home was not caused by a tornado. But the family affected is just as homeless.On the night of June 29th, Sam and Sharon Moore's 10 year-old granddaughter canceled plans at the last minute to spend the night with them."She could have easily...she could have been in that bed so easily," says Sharon Moore. "All I could think of was thank God."Here is that bed now...after a bedroom and bathroom were obliterated by an out-of-control logging truck at 7:30 the next morning (June 30th)."It sounded like something just blew up outside the house," says Sharon Moore. "Things went flying off the walls. My little figurines flew off the shelves and you know things were just breaking everywhere."The Moore's home was moved a foot off the foundation. It will have to be torn down. "I don't want any more," says Sam Moore. "But I want what I had."A state police investigator noted that conditions were clear and the road was dry and straight. No toxicology test was given. If the trucker (46 year-old Carl Cooper of Concord) explained why he lost control, its not in the report. A careless driving citation was issued. (KATV has been unable to contact the logging company that owns the truck, Murphree Logging of Greers Ferry or owner Joshua Murphree).The Moores have been left to deal with insurance companies."Hey...this is 11 or 12 days now?" asks Sam Moore rhetorically. "I ain't got one red cent out of my insurance company or his (laugh)."Moore says an adjuster for Progressive Insurance told him the driver may have blacked out...releasing the company from any liability. But in a statement to KATV, Progressive says that "After conducting an investigation, we accepted liability...and will continue to work with the Moores and their homeowners insurance company."(the full statement can be read below)Sam Moore has his own theory about why the crash occurred."He was eating pizza," says Sam Moore. "I looked in the cab. That's why he run off the road. His pizza was in the cab."The Moores are living on their property in an RV loaned to them by a friend. They are also thankful for the quick and caring response by members of the Birdtown VFD. Until Progressive pays, the Moores insurance company (United Home Insurance Company of Paragould) is bridging the gap. A $1,000.00 check was issued hours after our visit and a $57,000.00 check has been cut...which will help replace, but not fully replace, what they have lost. Air date: July 10th, 2014Statement from Progressive Public Relations representative Erin Hendricks:"We're relieved that the Moore family was uninjured in the accident and that they're ok. After conducting an investigation, we accepted liability for the driver whose truck we insure and communicated that to the Moore family yesterday afternoon. We have been and will continue to work with the Moores and their homeowners insurance company to ensure that all aspects of the claim are resolved."