Long Ago Lawn Job

Nice weekend weather means lawnmowers statewide are getting ready to roar back to life.

One lawnmower man is still waiting to get paid for a big job from last year.

He called Seven-On-Your-Side for help.

Jeff Stuckey and the homeowner agreed on a pricebut five months later he has yet to collect his $350.00.

Stuckey's Lawn Care and Landscaping does some pretty big jobs. And this job was one of themabout three acres of rural property that hadn't been mowed in awhile.

"It's a pretty good sized yard," says Stuckey. "You knowit's not a normal yard. It was a task. It took me about 3 1/2 hours. I had to actually run over it with my zero-turn mower a few times to get it knocked down and you get it manicured and weed-eated and all that."

Stuckey said the homeowner complimented him on a job well done and promised to meet him later and pay him. That didn't happen.

She promised to mail him a check. That didn't happen either.

Then communication stopped altogether.

That changed when Jeff called Seven-On-Your-Side and we called the homeowner.

"I got a phone call from her," says Stuckey.

"What did she say?"

"She says she is gonna pay me next weeknext Friday," says Stuckey.

"Do you think you would have gotten a call from her had we not called her first?"

"Never," believes Stuckey. "Never would have."

Because this homeowner has agreed to pay Jeff in full next week we agreed not to name her or show her home. If she fails to fulfill her promise then we will re-visit this situation next week and identify the homeowner. Jeff hopes that doesn't happenand so do we.

Air date: April 5th, 2013