Long Gone Pecans


There will be no homemade pecan pies for the Porter family of Little Rock this year.

The tree that has always supplied them with the nuts for such a treat is no more.

Some mistakes cannot be undone...but they can be made right.

Cutting down a tree is one of those mistakes.

The view from Google Earth of the property at 3101 East Washington street still includes a large pecan tree along the back side of the property next to 2nd street in North Little Rock.

But if you visit the property...the pecan tree is gone.

Much to the surprise of the property owner.

"I came out to pick pecans on a rainy Saturday morning," recalls Derek Porter. "I was going to do a little work in the garden. And the tree was gone."

Porter says he was baffled but soon learned that a North Little Rock Electric subcontractor....Apple Tree Service...had permission to cut down a tree next door at 3113 East Washington...not 3101.

Determining the value of a full-grown, fruit producing tree is tricky.

Did it have commercial value? What about landscape or aesthetic value?

It might have sentimental value. And it certainly had value...if nothing else...for fire wood.

"You know I've talked to Apple Tree multiple times and I thought we could trade out some work and not have to go to a monetary thing," says Porter. "You know I don't really know at this point where they're at. You know I've talked to them on the phone a bunch I can't get a good straight answer out of them."

And that has been our experience too.

We reached Bill Camplain with Apple Tree Service and he told me his policy is to not discuss disputes with the media.

Hopefully he will resume discussions with Mr. Porter.

Air date: November 11th, 2013