Lonoke Co. Sheriff's Office seek assistance battling metal thefts

Picture Courtesy Lonoke Co. Sheriff's Office

(KATV, Source: Lonoke Co. Sheriff's Office) Since January 2012, there have been a total of 91 reported thefts regarding metal to include copper. Since November, there have been at least 9 reports of thefts regarding metal and copper.

One farm has had thefts of metal which has been estimated at $70,000.00 which includes the cost of the metal and repairs to equipment. This does not include thefts of metal in which the victim does not file a report, but just replaces or repairs the equipment.

Lonoke County is not the only county experiencing metal thefts. These types of crimes are occurring state wide.

There are people who legally collect and sell scrap metal in order to supplement their income or even make a living. They will obtain permission from the owners of the property to possibly clear a lot or an old building. However, there are individuals who will steal copper wire and other metal from construction sites, residential homes, and farm equipment. These people not only commit the crime of theft, they also cause serious damage to property and equipment which greatly interferes with the operation of a farm or hampers construction. Not to mention the expense of replacement or repair.

The Sheriff's Office is asking the public to be aware and to report anything which may appear to be suspicious. In the event you observe a vehicle or trailer loaded with scrap metal, if possible obtain a license plate number or call the Sheriff's Office at (501) 676-3000.

It would especially be suspicious if someone was transporting metal at night, or if a vehicle is seen driving around a farm shop or construction site at night. Thefts such as these, affect everyone somewhere down the line. Remember, if something does not seem right, it's probably not.

Recently, the Sheriff's Office came into contact with a vehicle and trailer which was loaded with aluminum pipe. Investigators are attempting to identify if the pipe may be stolen. Anyone who has recently experienced a theft regarding aluminum pipe are asked to contact the Sheriff's Office.