LR city board hopes to address parking issues in River Market

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - parking in the river market can be a hassle anytime of day, but some of those spots were free. It may not be that way for long. City board members are considering adding new parking meters downtown. But some say it only worsens an already problematic parking issue.

"it's not very good right now," said Madison McPherson, an employee at Gusano's in the River Market.

So today city board members voted to consider adding several more parking spaces in the River Market as well as eight meters. The spaces will be created after the stripings are taken off.

"this new system, hopefully, will make it more likely for more rotation of parking," said Ken Richardson, city director.

But while the city argues that it helps visitors, local employees who already have to trouble finding spaces, say it only worsens their parking issues.

"we don't really have anywhere to park and if we do park we have to pay anywhere from five to ten dollars just to come in and work," said McPherson.

Slade Wright, manager at Flying{}Saucer,{}says meters do nothing to address the lack of parking spaces.

"During our lunch hours anyway the parking is so terrible the parking meters aren't going to do a thing to fix that," said Wright.

And he believes there's only one way to solve this growing problem.

"There needs to be parking garages down here," said Wright.

City board members will vote on this during next week's meeting.