LR community unites against bullying

It is been called an epidemic in our local schools and today bullying drove families from their Saturday schedules to a local church in search of a solution. A Pulaski county judge led the meeting and told concerned parents and community leaders it was time to face the truth and tackle the problem head on.

The meeting was held at New Millennium Church in Little Rock this morning and was led by Reverend and Pulaski County Judge Wendell Griffin. Griffin says there are three important steps to addressing this issue. He asked that the community communicate, commit and build a sense of structure. And this meeting what the first of those three steps. But most importantly, he says people need to acknowledge the problem and be prepared take on this challenge.

"Oppressive behavior that's what bullying is it's pervasive in our society and what we have to do and what we're committed to do is to challenge the notion that aggressive behavior is acceptable," said Rev. Wendell Griffen, pastor at New Millennium Church.

The next meeting will be on the 14th of this month. He will hold a viewing for the movie bully at the market street theatre at 6 p.m. Griffin says this will be the first of many meetings and dialogues to come.