Robbery victim demands her phone back from armed suspect, gets it

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A Little Rock mom is robbed at gunpoint but her risky request makes for a surprising result.

The woman and her fiancé were walking to their car early Friday morning when a man with a gun approached them demanding cash and their phones. The young mom made a demand of her own.

"I just thought that it wasn't right and I just said something to him," said Hailey Scott.

It's usually not a bad thing to let someone know when they're doing something wrong but it may not be the smartest move when that person has a gun.

"It makes you mad when someone's taking something that you've worked hard for," she said.

Scott and her fiancé, Chris Strawser, were robbed at gunpoint off of West Markham St. on Friday. The robber put a gun to Strawer's head and took his wallet and iPhone. She spoke up as he walked away.

"I saw my fiancé's phone and just said, 'You could at least give us back the phone because our kids' pictures are in it'," she said.

It's a move her fiancé says did anything but impress him.

"I was really upset with her for doing that," he said. "Pictures are replaceable and she's not."

But although Scott's bold move may be rare, the incident itself is far from it. Cell phone thefts are one of the fastest growing crimes nationwide. Just over a year ago, a New York man was killed for his iPhone.

Sgt. Brian Dedrick with North Little Rock police says it's best to not fight back.

"Property is not worth your life," he said. "So, if you're walking out, whether it be cell phone, bags, whatever, hand over the stuff."

Scott says although she's happy she has her phone and pictures, she admits it was the most brilliant thing to do.

"Probably not the smartest decision," she said.

Police recommend downloading a locater app and jotting down the serial number so that you at least have a chance of finding it.