LR father is murdered minutes from home, wife finds him

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -{}A Little Rock father is dead after being shot in his car just minutes from his home. The victim's wife talked to Channel 7 about the moment she found her husband fighting for his life.

Glennis Allen was in tears as she shared what it was like to hear her husband take his last breath. But even more heartbreaking, she said,{}was the moment she had to tell their five-year-old son he wasn't go to see his dad again.

"I feel like I stopped. Time came to a standstill," said Glennis Allen, Jon Allen's wife.

Nothing could prepare Glennis for what she saw around{}ten{}Thursday night. Glennis' husband, Jon, took longer than usual to get home from his mother's house. She went looking for him only to find him in his car off the side of the road.

"He was slumped over between the driver and passengers seat in the front," she said.

A{}good Samaritan{}was already there performing{}CPR on Jon who was unconscious from a gunshot wound to his chest.

"His heartbeat was getting faint and a couple of seconds later he said he stopped breathing," said Glennis.

And just hours after watching her husband take his last breath, Glennis had to tell Jon's daughters and five-year-old son that their father was killed.

"And to just say, 'Well, so you're saying my dad is in the clouds and I'll never get to see my daddy again?' It hurts," said Glennis as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Friday{}they cried over family albums as they think of what should've been.

"I can't teach my son how to be a man and now he doesn't have that example to follow," she said.

But Allen says she finds comfort in the good memories of Jon.

"He sent me a text message a couple of days before and just said, 'I want to thank you for all the joy that you've given me over the years,'" she said.

And the man who tried to help him last night.

"I can find solace knowing that there still are some good people in this world," said Glennis.

Little Rock police have no motive, suspects or leads at this time.