LR mother held at gunpoint while men steal her car

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A Little Rock mother was held at gunpoint while four men stole her car early Friday morning.

The woman lost her car, cell phone and purse but she says the men took more than just her material possessions.

"One of them put the gun to my head," said Xochitl Gomez. "Another, on this side, pointed at me with another gun and the other two young men were in the back."

Gomez said she pulled up to her street around three o'clock Friday morning when four men with masks surrounded her car. They pulled her out. Two held guns to her head demanding her purse, cell phone and the keys to her white Ford Explorer.

"The man that put the gun to my head took the keys to my car," she said. "He took everything and then he pushed me."

Shortly after they pushed her out of the way, she ran off as fast as she could. Hoping they wouldn't shoot at her.

"While they got in my car," she said. "I took the opportunity to come running to my home."

But there was someone hiding not to far away watching all of this happen.

"While she was knocking on the door the guy drove through and I yelled at her that he was coming back through," said Jannie Reyes, a neighbor. "She hid and so he came back through and I guess he didn't see her so he left again."

Gomez says even though she lost so many of her belongings, her worries don't end there.

"I don't know if these people were watching me because they knew what time I was coming home," she said. "it's like they knew my routine."

Gomez's car was a 1999 white Ford Explorer with a tail light broken and a side bottom panel ripped off.