LR recommends more funding for Jericho Way

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Little Rock city leaders say they need $100,000 more per year to operate its homeless day center.

Thousands of homeless have been helped through Jericho Way, a center run by both Little Rock and North Little Rock.

One of several public budget presentations was held Monday night; more meetings are scheduled.

Part of the plan includes increasing funds to operate Jericho Way, because funds they put away nearly 8 years ago have run out.

"We no longer have the additional money that we had that we had been setting aside for years, we used that to open up the shelter, to bring on more part-time staff," said Little Rock City Manager, Bruce Moore.

1,948 homeless people were helped in September, while 1,913 came through the center in October. With nearly 4,000 helped in just two months, having enough funds for the center to operate sufficiently is crucial.

"We really looked at the overall budget for the homeless shelter, again this is a partnership with North Little Rock, so we felt a truer number was an additional $100,000 for the operations," added Moore.

Jericho Way is funded by the city's general fund, which includes taxes and fees. LR pays two-thirds of funding, while NLR contributes the remaining one-third.

If the budget is approved, LR will set a total of $350,000 for the center's operations.

NLR rock will be asked to contribute around $150,000.

The center's top priorities right now are more showers/restroom facilities as well as commercial sized washers and dryers.