LR Tech Park Board to rank sites for new park

LITTLE ROCK - The Little Rock Technology Park Authority Board meets Wednesday afternoon to discuss the proposed site for the park, and to rank those locations according to suitability and feasibility.

Three locations, one in the Oak Forest neighborhood near UALR, one in downtown Little Rock and the other at the Sears store on University Ave. are being considered.

Meanwhile, residents living in Oak Forest have signed a statement asking the board to consider the other locations over their neighborhood, because they don't want to lose their homes. The statement, signed by 15 residents, reads as follows:

The citizens of Little Rock agree that the Little Rock Technology Park has the potential to be an economic benefit to the city, but many residents - especially those, like us, who live in the area slated for future use as the Tech Park - have concerns. Many people feel that the Sears site selection would be a better way to spend the money than by going into the neighborhoods adjacent to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Other citizens have been excited at the prospect of a downtown location, although this would likely be a more expensive option. Either way the Tech Park Board votes, we want to see the Tech Park be a successful venture without it being the end of the Oak Forest Neighborhood.The Oak Forest Neighborhood is a pleasant place to live, and many of us do not want to move. We support our neighbors in eliminating the Oak Forest Neighborhood as the foundation site for the Little Rock Technology Park.

The agenda for the Little Rock Technology Park Authority Board meeting includes a discussion on site ranking, vote on site ranking, discussion of next steps, and public comments if time permits.

Channel 7 News will have coverage of the 4 p.m. meeting, and will have details on the site ranking vote.