LRAFB Airman Found NOT Guilty

JACKSONVILLE-- A Little Rock airman, accused of beating a woman, is found not guilty of the crime.
Staff Sergeant Randall Burkhalter walked away a free man earlier today, after nearly two days of jury deliberations.
Burkhalter was facing two charges, including aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.
Channel 7's Marine Glisovic was in court again today.
20-year-old Cady Cassis' family was upset, and in tears after they heard the verdict.
Cassis had her jaw broken and was allegedly struck in the face by Burkhalter back on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.
However, after careful deliberations and even an overnight recess.
The jury sided with Burkhalter.
His defense team played the self-defense card while using other evidence.
Both sides had several witnesses testify on Tuesday.
Those included the eye witness, Nichole Wilson and Cassis.
Evidence was shown that some of Cassis' statements were contradictory, but her mother says it was obvious that she was beaten.
Burkhalter did not testify during the trial and he wouldn't comment today.
Although his defense council did give us this statement:"From the very first day that these allegations surfaced, Staff Sergeant Burkhalter has maintained his innocence. He's been patiently awaiting his day in court, and now that that day has come and gone, he can put all this behind him."
Cassis' mother, Michelle, said this is not over just yet.
She plans to file a civil suit against Burkhalter.
She also says the Air Force didn't follow protocol and that her daughter, Cady, wasn't made aware of her victim's rights intil this Tuesday.
The Cassis' family also filed a restraining order today against Burkhalter.
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