LRPD Chief: Police cameras do record 24/7 despite spokesperson's claims

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--The Little Rock Police Chief apologizes tonight, after a spokesperson gives Channel 7 false information regarding their police cameras.

Last night we reported their surveillance cameras do not record 24/7, but Chief Stuart Thomas says they actually do record 24/7, and the footage captured is useful in investigations.

Just a big misunderstanding is what the chief calls this.

Tonight, he is re-assuring tax payers that the more than half a million dollars spent on these cameras wasn't a waste.

"We currently store data from the cameras for about 10 days," said Chief Thomas.

All 53 police cameras throughout Little Rock record footage 24/7, despite Spokesperson Sergeant Cassandra Davis' claiming that they weren't.

"I don't know if she had been quite brought up to speed, because the last time she had been asked about the capacity of the cameras and their recording capabilities was when we were in the install phase," added Thomas.

Channel 7 decided to look a little further, and we were granted access to one of the four substations where police can watch live feeds.

"(We can see) Pretty much a frame by frame of the cameras that are deployed," said Lieutenant Casey Clark.

Clark showed us their cameras in place, and explained that cameras located in certain areas will feedback to the appropriate substations. However, if police are using an iPad or iPhone to view footage, they have access to all 53 cameras using a special designed app.

When Channel 7 aired the original story on Monday, it prompted Vice Mayor Doris Wright and City Director for Ward 5, Lance Hines, to ask questions regarding the purpose of these cameras.

Both Wright and Hines had said they planned on asking those questions at Tuesday's agenda meeting.

However, Chief Thomas said he addressed those issues before the meeting, as he had received numerous phone calls and emails regarding this issue.

For the record, police confirmed that the camera was recording when the hit and run happened last Friday on 4th and Scott.

It was only after Sgt. Davis told Channel 7 that the camera may not have been recording, when we started investigating the use of these cameras.