LRPD investigating attempted robbery of pizza delivery man

PULASKI COUNTY (KATV) - A pizza delivery man robbed Sunday night makes it two such robberies in just one week.

It sounds like a harmless job, your main responsibility is to simply get the pizza from point "A" to point "B". But when you're carrying cash, you're by yourself and it's late at night, you leave thieves wanting more than just a pepperoni pizza.

"I usually call the customer [and] have them meet me at the front door or out by my vehicle," said John Hook, a driver at Little Rock's Iriana's Pizza.

Hook takes his job seriously, always keeping his safety in mind.

"This is pepper spray, very effective," he said.

And soon he'll have a gun.

"Also, I have applied for a concealed carry permit," said Hook.

Hook has even rode along with a life-size doll in the passenger's seat to make thieves think he's not alone.

"I figured maybe she might have helped, you know, when someone might have been thinking about robbing me," he said.

He's not a police officer or detective, he delivers pizza. But delivering a pizza isn't always as safe as you may think.

"Someone run across the street with a gun, and has my door open, and has it on me pointed right at me and says, 'All I want is your money,'"said Hook.

But he isn't the first to be robbed. Around 10:45 Sunday night a 32-year-old driver for Domino's Pizza was the victim of an attempted robbery. It's the third time in a year he's had a run-in with a robber. His manager wouldn't let him speak to us on camera but Domino's sent a statement saying:

"We train our people to be aware and follow their instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it's probably not. We encourage them to give up the food and cash-without any kind of fight."

And with pizza delivery being named 5th most dangerous job in the country by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, John Iriana, owner of Iriana's Pizza, says he lets his employees make the call.

"If the driver doesn't feel safe going to that location then we just don't go, I'll leave it up to the driver," he said.

Hook says it's worth the risk.

"I'm just careful, I like adventure, so yeah, to me it is worth it. It's a great part-time job," said Hook.

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