LRPD officers go above and beyond the call of duty

LITTLE ROCK (KATV, Source: LRPD) Tuesday, March 18, officersresponded to a call at Meadowlark Lane in reference to a burglary inprogress.{} The suspects left the areaprior to the officer's arrival.{} LittleRock police say the suspects gained entry by kicking the front door open.{} The door frame and doorjamb was heavily damaged as a result of the suspects kicking the door open andthe door would not close or secure.{}

A 13-year-old was at home sickand was able to scare the burglars away. The child's mother, Kristen Epperson, returnedto care for her son and meet with officers.

Epperson decided to leave theunsecured home and take her son down the street to a relative's house.

Investigators tell Channel Seven, a car ran a red light and hit Epperson's car. She and her son weretransported to a local hospital.

Sergeant J. Follett wrote LieutenantM. Paxton, "Epperson and her 13 year old son experienced two traumatic events in a matter of an hour.{}The officers displayed outstanding citizenship and wentbeyond their duty to help the distressed citizen. I recommend that OfficerHealy and Officer Ketzscher receive a Letter of Commendation for their actions."

Officer Healy used his personalmoney and went to Fuller and Sons Hardware to get tools and material to securethe door. Officer Ketzscher stayed at the home until Officer Healy returned.{}

Channel Seven's Elicia Dover will have details coming up on Nightside.

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