911 calls from 15 year-old's murder released by LRPD

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Little Rock Police released the calls made to 911 dispatch Saturday night after 15 year-old Adrian Broadway was allegedly shot by 48 year-old Willie Noble. {}Both calls seem to be made by bystanders, both remain relatively calm.

911 CALL TRANSCRIPTIONDispatcher 1:"Little Rock 9-1-1."Caller 1: "Umm yes sir, I am at the uh Kum n' Go off of uh Baseline &Chicot.{} There's a woman out here bleeding, talking about she had beenshot."Dispatcher 1: "You said the Kum n' Go on Baseline?"Caller 1: "Yes, right over here, there's a woman out here bleedinghollering she had been shot, call 9-1-1."Dispatcher 1: "I'm getting help on the way.{} What does she looklike?{} She a black or white female?"Caller 1: "She white?"Dispatcher 1: "Okay and she's in the parking lot?"Caller 1: "Black female."Dispatcher 1: "Say that again."Caller 1: "She's a black female and she's unresponsive. *PAUSE* I sayshe's a black female and she's unresponsive."Dispatcher 1: "And she's in the parking lot right now?"Caller 1: "Yes and she's not responding."Dispatcher 1: "Okay, I'm getting help on the way.{} Stay on the linebecause I'm going to transfer you straight to the ambulance.{} Hold on forthem okay?"Caller 1: "Yes."*DIAL TONE*Ambulance Dispatcher: "MEMS Ambulance, what's the address of theemergency?"Caller 1: "7620 um, I guess this is Baseline & Chicot - Kum n'Go."Ambulance Dispatcher: "7620 Baseline Road?"Caller 1: "Yes. There's a woman here who has been shot."Ambulance Dispatcher: "Is that the Kum n' Go?"Caller 1: "Yes."Ambulance Dispatcher: "Okay. Is she inside the building or outside?"Caller 1: "She's outside the building in the car and the car window hasbeen shot out."Ambulance Dispatcher: "what color's the car?"Caller 1: "It's a white, a white Honda and this woman is reallybleeding."-------Dispatcher 2: "Little Rock 9-1-1."Caller 2: "Uh yes, I just pulled up the Kum n' Go right here at GeyerSprings, Baseline & Chicot or something like that and there's people in thecar next to me hollering for help."Dispatcher 2: "Yes ma'am."*CALLER 2 SPEAKS OVER DISPATCHER 2*Dispatcher 2: "We have everybody on the way."Caller 2: "Okay."Dispatcher 2: "Thank you."