UPDATED: Teen shot and killed at LR gas station

(KATV) A Central Arkansas teenager murdered and two of her friends were injured. A witness on the scene called it a "shootout".

The 17-year old girl died Wednesday at the Site store on Asher when bullets started flying around 10 p.m.

Police don't have a suspect or motive. A family is mourning and the school where the deceased teenager went is trying to help students and teachers grieve.

North Little Rock High School West campus is where 17 year old Jasmine Young is supposed to be on this crisp cool Thursday.

But Wednesday night she was in a White Tahoe parked at the Site gas station with three friends. It's where she lost her life when at least one gunmen opened fire on the SUV.

Her friends, 19-year old Kyron Richardson and a 17-year old girl were injured. 20-year old James Wallace Burks walked away unharmed.

Details surrounding why and who would do this are unsolved but being thoroughly investigated. But for the victim's friends, the halls of North Little Rock High are somber.

Steve Canady says, "Any deaths of a child is a terrible thing, but more so when you have a personal relationship with that child. You notice the lack of that child and it burden's your heart."

Steve Canady is the Safe School coordinator for the district. He says, the deceased, Jasmine Young and one of the injured teenagers are enrolled at North Little Rock High school."We alerted the students and staff as soon as we possibly could after we knew the facts."

They also sent out an email alert to parents, brought in counselors and contacted other schools the teens have friends at, to make sure all students have someone to turn to. "In situations like this we call in counselors from other schools and possibly outside sources if needed. We determine the needs based on the amount of students approaching us, asking for help."

Wednesday, January 30:

Little Rock Police are looking for a murder suspect as they investigate the city's third homicide of 2013.

Three teenagers were shot at a gas station 4203 Asher Avenue just before 10 p.m. Sergeant Cassandra Davis says four people (two men and two women) were inside a Chevy Tahoe at the Site gas station when someone sprayed the SUV with bullets.

Jasmine Young, 17, died at an area hospital Wednesday night. The two other shooting victims are being treated at hospitals. They're expected to survive. The fourth person in the vehicle was not hurt.

Right now Little Rock Police do not have a motive.