LRPD working on leads in school bus shot by BB gun

LRSD security follows bus route the day after the incident

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Two kids reportedly shot an air gun at a school bus Wednesday, shattering several windows and injuring a teenage passenger.

The Parkview 9th grader was treated and released from a Little Rock hospital with minor injuries. Police say the girl was "grazed" on the check. The suspects have not been caught. It happened on the bus route after school at about 4:30 on Burnelle Street in Southwest Little Rock.

Principal Dr. Dexter Booth said he spoke with her Thursday and she said she was doing fine. He also said she had no visible injuries.

Witnesses said that when their school bus took a curve on Burnelle Street like it always does, two black teenage boys were standing on the street and shot bb's at it.

Waylon Owens says, "The bus just kept sitting there."

Owens says he didn't know why the bus was idling in front of his home until parents showed up to pick up their kids up.

The teenaged suspects ran off before police arrived. Owens assumes they don't live far. "Close by I'm sure yeah."

Sgt. Cassandra Davis with LRPD said it's a matter of time before they close in on them.

She explains, "Some of the people on the bus were able to give the officers first names of these young people. They're not sure of their last names or exactly where they live."

Little Rock School District Safety and Security Director Bobby Jones said thatunits canvassed the area Wednesday morning in an attempt to locate those responsible. They areworking with Little Rock police in the investigation.

It's not clear if the suspects were specifically waiting on the bus. The good news is that because of the amount of passengers-turned-witnesses, investigators could stand a better chance of finding who did it.

Lloyd Burris has lived on Burnelle Street most his life and says this year homes around him have been burglarized and vandalized. So he got a surveillance system and two German Shepherds. Burris is hopeful the teens walked in view of the camera and it can help police make an arrest.

"We've had quite a bit of crime in this neighborhood and we'd kind of like to see it go down, we're getting tired of it."

The suspects could face a felony criminal mischief charge.

Sgt. Davis said, "We want to identify these individuals so they won't continue this behavior with other buses or other bus stops."

Patrol officers assigned to this area are trying to get leads from neighbors on the suspects and they have been asked to monitor bus stops between dispatch calls.

School resource officers have also been notified. A lot of times kids confide in them and even confess to them. The day after the incident, a school security guard drove behind the bus during its route.