LRSD new dress code for teachers requires undergarments be worn

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Little Rock school leaders have set a dress code for teachers and at least one requirement is drawing some ire.

Next school year, students won't be seeing sweat pants, flip flops or leggings on teachers. The details of the new policy were discussed in a board meeting Thursday night.

School officials say that this new policy is simply a way for all teachers to be clear on what is and isn't allowed. But one of the rules requiring teachers to wear undergarments has some wondering if that even needed to be said.

School dress codes are nothing new to students, but Thursday night Little Rock school teachers fell victims to similar rules that their students abide by as the district board discussed their new policy for faculty.

"When it's hard to identify the student from the teacher we have problems then," said Dr. Dexter Suggs, Little Rock School District Superintendent.

Beginning next school year teachers aren't allowed to wear leggings, sweat pants, or flip flops. And most tattoos need to be covered.

"I did have some concern about how we handle the whole tattoo business and covering things up," said Greg Adams, LRSD School Board member. "There's quite a bit of range with tattoos, some that don't tend to be distracting at all and some that might be distracting."

"We're there to, basically, educate the kids, we're not there to be a walking billboard for whatever tattoo you have on," said Dr. Suggs.

But's it's not what you can and can't wear that caused a big splash, it's what the district feels needed to be included in the policy. foundation garments must be worn. Teachers must wear underwear and women a bra. Dr. Suggs says he's run into problems with this seemingly obvious rule before.

"There have been times within my profession where you have seen people without the upper level foundational garment," said Dr. Suggs.

Dr. Suggs, who's in his first year as superintendent, says it's a part of the district's effort to remind teachers to set an example.

"I think we are influenced a lot by what we see in the videos, by what we hear on the radios," he said. "We are there to educate kids we are not there to imitate the kids."

These rules go into affect in the fall of 2014. If teachers do not abide by all of the rules they will be sent home and can be fired. Although, school officials do not expect it to be an issue.

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