LRSD not making drastic changes after 3 gun related incidents

(KATV) There have been three gun related incidents at Little Rock School District campuses in the past three school days. Friday, Central High students were held up by two students, they had a fake gun. Monday, a Hall High student was caught with an unloaded hand gun, but he had a loaded clip. The latest incident was Tuesday, two 6th graders had unloaded BB guns at school. Little Rock police have been called in all these cases.

School districts across the country tightened security in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting to protect students from outside threats. But the recent risk at Little Rock schools has involved students.

"This is the first firearms that we have found this year in our schools." Director of Security, Bobby Jones implemented random metal detector scans in the 90's because of gang activity. "And our guns dropped from double digit figures down to single digit figures in just a matter of one year."

Teens in alternative school are scanned daily, but there are no plans to put walk through metal detectors at every school. Jones explains, "You don't want your schools to become similar to a penal institution or a large alternative school."

The district has one of the most sophisticated alarm and camera systems in the U.S. that the Little Rock SWAT team can access through a live feed. Plus, Jones says their scans and locker checks are obviously working two of the three gun incidents were caught because of random searches.

Jones concludes, "Until we begin to take this seriously as citizens and especially as parents to stop this, we're going to keep having this problem."

The district handbook explains a no tolerance policy, even for a toy replica of a weapon.

A 16-year old student who has since been expelled told police he had a gun because he was being bullied in his neighborhood.