LRSD Principal proactive about school security

(KATV) The principal of a Little Rock high school want to assure parents they're being proactive about security. In a note to parents, Central High Principal Nancy Rousseau says she's contacted the Little Rock School District safety and Security Department as well as Little Rock Police Department to ask for additional support on the campus.

Rousseau reminded parents that safety and security is always a top priority.

The letter reads:

Dear Parents:

Friday's tragic events in Connecticut have everyone on edge and necessarily concerned about our children's safety at our schools. Rumors are flying around about possible security issues. Consequently, I have contacted the LRSD Safety and Security Department as well as the LRPD to ask for additional support at LRCH today and tomorrow. We are hoping that the Holiday break will help to calm the climate. Please know that the LRCH team - administrators/SRO's/Security/Teachers and Staff - have your child's safety and security as the number one priority every day. Thank you for your continued support.

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