LRSD Proposes Gifted and Talented Elementary

(KATV)-The Little Rock School District is proposing Geyer Springs Elementary School, deemed a "priority" school by the state be turned into the city's only gifted and talented elementary school. The school is among the lowest five percent test scores in the state.

If passed next Thursday, the school would be called Geyer Springs High Ability Academy and would go into place next school year. Students identified as "GT" could apply to the school and be selected via lottery.

The original proposal was to move the kids in the school who are not "GT to other schools, but critics said that would not be addressing the student's low test scores because it would only reorganize them to other schools. The proposal will now be to keep current students are not identified as "GT at the school.

"When students who are performing at a low level are placed in an environment with high achieving students that they learn from each other and they excel together," said Sadie Mitchell, Associate Superintendent of Elementary Education.

Those likely to move will be the teachers. Only "GT" certified teachers will be accepted at the school. Teachers currently at the school can apply or get jobs at other schools in the district.

There are two grade proposal options. The first is to phase out other grades and make the school 3rd through 5th. Those students would feed into Dunbar Middle School. The other option is to make the school 3rd through 8th grade by 2017. That would require construction to accommodate older students, which would be paid for by a possible millage.